Nursing Home Residents at Risk for Bedsores

March 11, 2019 Family Crimes and Domestic Violence

Nursing home neglect often manifests itself in bed sores. Medically known as pressure ulcers and decubitus ulcers, bedsores are injuries to the skin and underlying tissue due to prolonged pressure on the affected areas. Bedsores tend to develop in the bony areas of the body such as the heels, ankles, hips, and tailbone.

How to Spot Bedsores

Nursing home residents most at risk for developing bedsores are people with medical conditions that limit their ability to change positions or those who are bedridden or wheelchair bound. Bedsores develop quickly. Recovery time depends on how the individual responds to treatment, with some individuals never fully recovering. 

Signs that bedsores are forming are:

  • Unusual changes in skin color or texture;
  • Swelling;
  • Pus-like draining;
  • An area of skin that feels cooler or warmer to the touch than other areas; and
  • Tender areas.

Doctors classify bedsores into categories depending on their depth, severity, and other characteristics. The possible tissue damage ranges from red, unbroken skin to a deep injury involving muscle and bone.

Common Sites of Bedsores

Individuals in wheelchairs develop bedsores on the skin over the tailbone or buttocks, shoulder blades and spine, and backs of arms and legs where they touch the chair. People confined to a bed develop bedsores on the back or sides of the head, shoulder blades, hip, lower back or tailbone, and heels, ankles, and skin behind the knees.

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If you notice bedsores on a loved one who is wheelchair or bed-ridden in a nursing home, seek prompt medical care, especially if an infection develops or your loved one has a fever. Individuals under home care should also be checked regularly to ensure bedsores do not form, particularly if their mobility is limited.

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