Off-Road Vehicle Accidents in Louisiana

August 9, 2023 Accident

Off-Road Vehicle Accidents in Louisiana

Tourists come to the French Quarter of New Orleans for fun; the bucket-sized daiquiris and heaping plates of uniquely flavorful food are dirt cheap compared to the food and drinks in most tourist towns. Louisiana locals know, however, that adventure, relaxation, good food, and good company are to be found in every square foot of every parish of the Bayou State. The most memorable experiences in Louisiana are the ones that take place far from the crowded overpasses of I-10. Whether your idea of fun is hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, or boating, there are plenty of places to do it in Louisiana. Of course, the real excitement comes in the form of off-road vehicles such as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and utility task vehicles (UTVs). Off-road vehicles provide inexpensive, family-friendly fun, and they are safe if you are cautious. As with any motor vehicle, though, collisions in off-road vehicles can cause serious injury. If you have been injured in an off-road vehicle in Louisiana, contact a Louisiana personal injury lawyer.

Off-Highway Vehicles and Louisiana Law

According to Louisiana law, the category of off-highway vehicles (OHVs) includes UTVs and ATVs, among others. UTVs, also known as side-by-sides, have either two seats or four seats. Their steering wheels and pedals resemble those of a car. They are a faster and more fun version of farm vehicles; you can use them for farm work, but most people use them just to drive fast in unpopulated areas. ATVs are for only one rider, and they have handlebars like a motorcycle.

OHV owners must register their OHVs with the Office of Motor Vehicles. Louisiana does not consider OHVs street-legal, so you must transport them to an off-road location with a trailer attached to your truck. The law permits you to ride your OHV across certain paved roads if they intersect your riding area. The laws vary from one parish to another about where OHVs can cross roads open to vehicular traffic.

Staying Safe When Riding an ATV and UTV in Louisiana

You can ride OHVs almost anywhere, as long as you are away from pedestrians and vehicular traffic. Parks, campgrounds, and other wide-open spaces are popular sites for OHV riding. If you get injured in a collision at an ATV park where you paid admission, premises liability laws apply. If the accident simply occurred in the great outdoors, then recreational use immunity might protect the landowner from premises liability.

Louisiana law does not require helmets for most OHV riders. Despite this, you should wear one. Not only will wearing a helmet reduce your risk of serious injury, but it will also increase the amount of money you can get in an injury claim related to an OHV accident.

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