Blindness is a medical condition that completely or partially reduces a person’s ability to see. It can be genetic but is also caused by diabetes and other impairments or a wide range of accidents. Although modern medicine and technology have improved people’s ability to function despite full or partial blindness, the condition can still have a significant impact on a person’s ability to earn a living and care for his or her family.

The personal injury attorneys at Mansfield Melancon represent people who have been blinded or suffered other injuries. Whether you have been injured in a car accident, a construction site mishap or as a result of a defective product, we can help you get the full compensation available under the law.

Our attorneys are experienced litigators who have dedicated their careers to assisting clients injured through no fault of their own. We take a personalized approach to legal representation, devoting the time to fully understand each person’s unique individual situation and needs. Our firm has a strong track record of success in the courtroom through negotiated settlements.

Money Damages in Accident Cases

Although blindness can be caused in a number of ways, it is often the result of an accident involving trauma or injury to the eye. Anyone who is injured in such an accident in Louisiana has a legal right to seek compensation from those responsible.

The money damages typically available in personal injury cases in Louisiana includes compensation for current and future medical bills, as well as missed wages during recuperation and any decrease in a person’s earning power as a result of an injury. Additional compensation is also often available for pain, suffering, emotional distress and the injury’s impact on a person’s ability to enjoy day-to-day life. 

To get that compensation, an injured person typically has to show that the person or entity responsible for an accident was negligent. Negligence is legal theory that makes a person or entity liable for injuries caused by failing to live up to certain standards of car or conduct. The injured person also has to establish that the negligence caused the person to be injured.

How Our Louisiana Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help You

If you or a loved one has been blinded or otherwise injured in an accident, it is important to seek the advice of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

The Louisiana personal injury attorneys at Mansfield Melancon help people injured in a wide range of accidents, including those that cause eye injuries. We guide clients through the legal process with experience and personalized attention and we have a strong track record of success for the people that we represent.

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