Eye injuries can happen in a wide variety of ways, from a car crash or an accident on a construction site to a run-in with a defective product or a botched medical procedure. When they do occur, these injuries can have significant and lasting consequences, including limiting a person’s ability to see.

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Common Eye Injury Accidents

Eye injuries come in all shapes and sizes, but commonly involve scratches, exposure to toxic chemicals, or more significant trauma, either to the eye socket or the eye itself. Some of the most common accidents that we see involving eye injuries are:

Regardless of the cause of the injury, it is critical to act quickly to seek medical treatment. Prompt treatment can be the difference between losing and keeping some of your eyesight.

Compensation for Eye Injuries

Anyone who suffers an eye or other injury in Louisiana has the right to seek money damages from those responsible, whether it is a negligent driver or a defective product manufacturer.

The damages typically available in these cases include compensation for medical bills, missed wages during recuperation and any reduction in earning capacity caused by the injury. Additional compensation is also often available for pain, suffering and emotional distress.

To get those damages, you typically have to prove that the person or entity responsible for the injury was negligent. That means showing that the person or entity did not live up to an expected level of care or conduct under the circumstances and that this caused the injury.

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The Louisiana personal injury lawyers at Mansfield Melancon Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers help people injured in a wide range of accidents, including those that cause eye injuries. We guide clients through the legal process with experience and personalized attention and we have a strong track record of success for the people we represent.