Food poisoning may be many people's favorite excuse for getting out of work or social obligations, but it is also a very real illness that can make life pretty miserable for anyone who gets it. Foodborne illness is typically caused by viruses, bacteria and parasites that can contaminate food products at any point in the production process.

The Louisiana food poisoning attorneys at Mansfield Melancon represent clients who have been injured in a wide variety of ways, including those who contract foodborne illnesses. We work diligently to identify the person or entity responsible for the contamination and obtain the full compensation available under the law for the people we represent.

At Mansfield Melancon, we pride ourselves in providing personalized and comprehensive legal services for our clients. That means making ourselves directly available around the clock for our clients and crafting a legal strategy that is tailored to their individual needs. It also means working to efficiently resolve cases through settlement without long court battles, when possible.

Legal Liability for Food Poisoning

Food product manufacturers owe consumers certain duties under state and federal laws. When they do not live up to those responsibilities, the companies are likely to be liable for any injuries or foodborne illnesses that result.

First, food companies are required to make products in a way that is reasonably safe for use. That means ensuring that the product is made according to certain safety standards and includes steps to prevent toxins from getting into the food. Producers also have a duty to warn consumers about some of the risks that can come with consuming particular food products.

Proving that a specific manufacturer is legally responsible for a bout of food poisoning can be difficult because the illness may not rear its ugly head until days after a person ingests contaminated food. It can also be tough to prove that a specific food product was contaminated during production rather than after it was purchased and that such contamination was the source of the particular illness. That is why it is vital to consult a seasoned personal injury lawyer to consider your legal rights and options.

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