Suffering from Hip Pain After a Car Accident?

September 14, 2018 Accident

Medical treatment after a car accident should be sought by an injured person as soon as possible. Delaying or denying medical treatment can lead to future serious medical problems. A common injury incurred during a car accident is a hip injury.

Dislocated Hip

A dislocated hip can occur when the knee slams into the dashboard during a motor vehicle accident. Injured people know something is wrong immediately because they will feel their hip pop out of place. Immediate medical attention is necessary because there may be a fracture. Walking or standing will be difficult following a dislocated hip.

Hip Fracture

The hip bone has two main parts – the femur and pelvic acetabulum. A forceful impact in a car accident can fracture either one or both parts. Hip fractures are repaired with screws, plates, rods, and or metal replacement components in surgery. The injured person may also receive pain medications, physical therapy, and activity modifications to treat the hip fracture injury.  

Strains or Sprains

Hip strains or sprains present themselves in an injured person experiencing symptoms of pain, swelling, inflammation, and decreased range of motion. Hip strains or sprains affect the muscle or ligaments. If left untreated, the injured person can experience decreased range of motion affecting his or her ability to care for him or herself and be mobile. 

Hurt Your Hip in a Car Accident?

Hips carry much of the body’s weight. Hip injury symptoms can vary greatly. Intense pain, difficulty moving, pain in the back, groin, or legs, pinched nerve in the lower back, limping, throbbing pain in the upper legs, and knee pain are just some of the reported symptoms following a car accident that results in a hip injury.

Where to Get Help

You might be able to pursue legal action and seek financial assistance for help with your medical bills and related expenses if you are suffering hip pain after a car accident. An award or  settlement depends on the type of injuries suffered, the length of your recovery, the severity of the injury, and other factors.

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