What Should I Do if My Concussion Symptoms Don’t Go Away?

March 11, 2019 Accident

Many people believe that serious head injuries and concussions mostly occur to football players and construction workers. In reality, concussions can occur from any cause of head injury, including car accidents and bike accidents. Concussions are concerning as it is, but even more worryingly, they can have lasting effects.

Post-concussion Syndrome

With rest and treatment, most concussions are resolved after about three weeks’ time. People who experience continued concussion symptoms more than three weeks after a head injury may have what is known as post-concussion syndrome, or PCS. PCS can cause changes to motor skills, cognition, and mood, lasting for months—or even years—after a concussion.

PCS Diagnosis

Concussions and PCS can be diagnosed if patients are experiencing three or more symptoms associated with concussions. These include painful or high-pressure headaches, dizziness, fatigue, irritability, light sensitivity, and insomnia. If these symptoms last for more than three weeks after the head injury happened, it could indicate PCS. If you or someone you know are experiencing these symptoms, you should call a doctor.

Liability for PCS

When determining liability for PCS, it can help to distinguish whether the injury occurred as a result of negligence or intentional harm. For example, careless drivers who cause head injuries in car accidents unintentionally can be liable for PCS caused by negligence. If someone was driving aggressively or engaged in behavior that would likely cause an accident, a judge might find them guilty causing an injury with intentional harm. In either case, if a judge decides that someone else’s actions (or inaction) resulted in PCS, that person could be liable for medical expenses, time off, and other related costs.

Including PCS in a Personal Injury Claim

If a doctor confirms that you are suffering from PCS, it may be included in a personal injury case. Because PCS isn’t as cut-and-dry as, say, a broken bone, proving and seeking retribution for PCS can be complicated. You need to make sure that your doctors agree on the PCS diagnosis. If you want to file a formal claim, you should hire an experienced personal injury attorney, like the ones at our firm. An attorney could either take your case to court or possibly negotiate a settlement with the people and insurance agencies involved.

Post-concussion syndrome can be life-altering, so it’s important to be properly compensated to maintain proper medical attention and quality of life. If you’d like more information about filing a personal injury claim, call Mansfield Melancon Cranmer & Dick at 888-601-0127 for a consultation today.