Which Dog Breeds Bite the Most?

May 22, 2023 Accident

Which Dog Breeds Bite the Most?

Most dog bite injuries do not result from a dog appearing out of nowhere and attacking a person who was just minding his or her business. In most cases, the person did not know how to tell that the dog did not want to be approached. Many dog bite incidents occur when children are left alone with dogs. Even if it is your own children and your own dog, and they usually get along well together, you should always supervise your children in the presence of the dog. Likewise, most dog bites do not inflict serious injury; only about one-fifth of dog bites result in injuries severe enough to require medical treatment. Except in cases where the dog’s owner instructed the dog to attack you, all dog bite injuries are accidents. From a legal perspective, though, dog owners are legally responsible for injuries caused by their dogs in most circumstances. If you got injured because someone else’s dog bit you, contact a New Orleans dog bite lawyer.

Dog Breeds That are Most Likely to Cause Serious Injury

It is difficult to measure which breeds are most likely to bite because the severity of the injury has a lot to do with the size of the dog. A love nip from a Saint Bernard can do more damage than a total war attack from a teacup Yorkie. These are some of the dog breeds that account for large numbers of dog bite injuries severe enough to require medical treatment:

  • Pit bulls – Pit bulls were originally bred for fighting, so they are very strong with powerful jaws that can inflict a serious bite. Much aggression in pit bulls is due to the dogs being subjected to abusive conditions.  Pit bulls that have been socialized to interact with humans will rarely attack unless provoked.
  • Rottweilers – Rottweilers are not very aggressive, but they are very big and strong. They were originally bred as cattle herding dogs, so a dog that is strong enough to keep a cow from straying from the herd is plenty strong enough to inflict serious injury on a human.
  • German shepherds – These dogs are strong and intelligent; they also tower over young children. Their instinct is to protect their homes and the people familiar to them, even if that means being aggressive to strangers, but with proper training, they can learn when not to act on their aggressive instincts.

Most big dogs are the gentle giants their owners think they are. A dog bite can result from a misunderstanding between a human and a dog, though, or from a child and a dog being left alone together just for a short time. Dog owners and visitors to the homes of dog owners can never be too careful around large dogs.

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