Lafayette Car Accident LawyerIf you’ve been involved in a car accident in Lafayette, LA, we understand how stressful and challenging this time can be. Sorting out the insurance claims process, recovering from injuries, and worrying about financial repercussions are heavy burdens to bear. 

With compassion for your situation and commitment to your recovery journey, our firm is here to help. Our Lafayette car accident attorneys are dedicated to protecting your rights and fully evaluating every aspect of your case, ensuring nothing is overlooked. If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Lafayette, Louisiana, we are here for you. Contact a Lafayette car accident lawyer from Mansfield Melancon Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers at (337) 473-2991 to schedule a free consultation.

How Mansfield Melancon Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help if You’re in an Accident

How Mansfield Melancon Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help if You’re in an AccidentIf you find yourself injured in a car accident in Lafayette, LA, securing the right legal representation is crucial. Our firm offers comprehensive support designed to navigate you through your recovery and fight for rightful compensation. 

Here’s how our Lafayette personal injury attorneys can help:

  • We examine all aspects of your case and collect as much evidence as possible supporting your car accident claim, often including medical records, witness and expert testimony, and video footage if available. 
  • We calculate the full extent of your damages, which includes not just immediate costs but also potential long-term expenses.
  • We use our negotiation skills with insurance companies to ensure you are offered fair compensation that truly reflects the impact of your injuries and other losses from the accident.
  • If reaching an acceptable settlement is not possible through negotiations, our experienced attorneys are ready to represent and fight for you at trial. 

If you find yourself injured in a car accident in Lafayette, Louisiana, and are in need of legal support, don’t hesitate to contact Mansfield Melancon Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers to schedule a free consultation with a Lafayette car accident lawyer.

How Common Are Car Accidents in Lafayette, Louisiana?

Motor vehicle accidents in Lafayette, Louisiana, happen with unfortunate frequency, indicating a persistent need for awareness and stronger safety measures. 

The number of fatal crashes per capita in Lafayette surpasses all other areas of the state. In 2022 alone, there were 10,641 reported traffic accidents within Lafayette Parish. Statistics show that October tends to be the most dangerous month for drivers in the area – around 10.1% of both fatal and non-fatal injury crashes occur during this month.

Over recent years, Mardi Gras has emerged as a high-risk period for driving. During Mardi Gras in 2022, Lafayette experienced a crash rate of 33 accidents per 100 hours.

Traffic accidents in Lafayette tend to peak towards the end of the week; Thursdays and Fridays together account for about 33.3% of traffic incidents.

With Lafayette’s troubling number of traffic accidents, staying informed and exercising caution on the roads is crucial. If you find yourself affected by a car accident in the area, know that legal support is readily available.

What Is My Car Accident Case Worth?

Determining the value of a car accident case is complex since every situation is unique. Common factors typically influencing its worth include:

Extent and Severity of Injuries

The extent and severity of your injuries, both physical and emotional, as well as any financial losses because of them, will affect your case. The more severe your injuries, the higher your settlement or verdict will typically be.

Insurance Coverage

The insurance coverage limits of the at-fault party’s policy will play a role in how much your case can settle for. Some policies have higher limits, which afford more room for compensation than others with lower limits.

Partial Fault

If you are found partially at fault for the accident, the concept of comparative negligence may reduce your compensation proportionately to your share of responsibility.

Attorney Experience and Skill

A skilled accident lawyer in Lafayette has the ability to negotiate and present a persuasive case, which greatly influences the outcome. The right attorney can effectively argue for maximum compensation on your behalf.

This brief overview of factors affecting the worth of your car accident case is not exhaustive. It’s important to get personalized advice based on the specifics of your situation. 

What Kind of Damages Are Available to Car Accident Victims?

Car accident victims in Lafayette, LA, may be eligible to pursue various categories of damages related to their incident. The categories include:

Economic Damages

These quantifiable losses include direct financial impacts like medical expenses and lost earnings due to an injury or disability caused by a car accident. It would also include property damage from the incident.

Non-economic Damages

This category addresses the less tangible impacts of the accident, such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. 

Punitive Damages

Although less common, punitive damages may be awarded in very limited situations in Louisiana. A notable example that can result in punitive damages is when the victim is injured by a drunk driver. These additional damages are meant to be a punishment for the defendant and a deterrent to similar behavior in the future. 

If you’re dealing with the aftermath of a car accident and are wondering about potential compensation for damages, our experienced lawyers are here to help.  

Can I Recover Compensation If I’m Being Blamed For a Car Accident in Louisiana?

Yes, in Louisiana, you can still recover damages even if you are partially at fault for a car accident under the system of pure comparative negligence used in this state.

Under this rule, each party involved in an accident may be found to hold a certain percentage of the fault. If the injured party who brought the lawsuit is awarded compensation, it would then be reduced based on their percentage of fault, if any.

For example, if you are in a car accident and deemed to be 30% at fault, with damages totaling $10,000, your award would be reduced by your share of the fault – so you would receive $7,000 instead of the full amount.

We’ll Fight to Recover Compensation for All of Your Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents can result in a variety of injuries, ranging from minor to fatal. 

Common types of injuries include:

  • Head and brain injuries
  • Whiplash 
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Herniated discs
  • Broken bones
  • Burns 
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Internal bleeding
  • Road rash

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, don’t face the road to recovery alone. Our team is committed to providing the legal support required for justice.

What Causes Most Car Accidents in Lafayette, Louisiana?

In Lafayette, Louisiana, various factors contribute to car accidents. 

Some of the most common causes include:

  • Speeding
  • Drunk Driving
  • Fatigued Driving
  • Weather Conditions
  • Tailgating
  • Distracted Driving

Understanding the common causes of car accidents in Lafayette can help you stay safe on the roads. If you’ve been in an accident due to another driver’s negligence, we are here to provide experienced legal representation.  

How Do I Prove Negligence After a Car Accident in Louisiana?

To prove negligence after a car accident in Louisiana, you’ll need to establish four key elements. 

Duty of Care

First, it must be shown that the defendant had an obligation to act with reasonable care under the circumstances and keep others safe. For instance, all drivers have a duty to follow traffic laws and operate their vehicles safely to prevent harm to others on the road.

Breach of Duty

Next, you must demonstrate that the defendant failed to uphold this duty. This could be a driver running a red light, as this is a breach of common traffic laws.


This element requires demonstrating a direct link between the defendant’s actions and your injuries. For example, if the driver was running that red light and crashed into your vehicle, it can be established that this breach was what caused the accident.


Lastly, there must have been damages resulting from that negligence – like personal injury or property damage; any medical bills incurred for treatment following an accident would qualify here. 

Proving these elements can require a nuanced approach. Evidence such as accident and police reports, witness testimonies, video footage of the incident, and records depicting injury-related expenses can substantiate a case for negligence after a car accident.

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit After a Car Accident in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, you generally have a one-year window from the date of your car accident to file a lawsuit. This is known as the statute of limitations, and if you fail to act within this timeframe, you typically forfeit your right to seek compensation.

However, several exceptions may either shorten or extend this period. It’s advised that you reach out to an attorney as soon as possible after the car accident so they can ensure you file your personal injury claim within the deadline.

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