Louisiana Electrical Hazard Accidents

September 28, 2022 General

Louisiana Electrical Hazard Accidents

If you have been injured here in Louisiana in an electrical hazard accident, you are entitled to seek compensation for your injuries. Generally, the process of recovering compensation begins with an insurance claim. But, personal injury litigation may be needed if the insurance claim cannot be settled or if insurance coverage is insufficient to fully compensate the victim or victims.


Electrical hazard accidents can be some of the worst and can involve several forms. There may be direct injury caused by shocks. But electrical sparking can also cause explosions and fires. The injuries caused from an electrical accident can be very severe and long-term including:

  • Severe burns causing disfigurement
  • Neurological injuries, including nerve damage
  • Heart attacks and other types of cardiac arrest
  • Muscle damage
  • Organ damage
  • Hearing loss

Long-term physical disability and disfigurement are common with electrical accidents. Electrical accidents can also be fatal. Each year, there are nearly 200 fatalities in the United States caused by electrical accidents.

If you have been injured in an electrical accident, under Louisiana law, you can potentially recover for medical expenses related to any of these injuries and recover for wrongful death if a fatality has occurred. You may also recover compensation for disability, disfigurement, for emotional/mental distress, pain and suffering, loss of current and future income and more. You should vindicate your legal rights if you have been injured and contact experienced Louisiana personal injury attorneys like the ones at Mansfield, Melancon, Cranmer & Dick LLC.

According to this media report, the top electrical hazards include:

  • Exposed wires and parts
  • Electrical panels and temporary lighting
  • Overhead power lines and downed power lines
  • Insufficient or damaged insulation — electrical wiring and equipment must be insulated to prevent injuries and fatalities
  • Improper use of equipment including extension and other types of flexible cords
  • Wet conditions — this is particularly hazardous if the wet condition is man-made (such as a water or other liquid spill)
  • Failure of grounding — electrical wiring must be grounded to ensure safety

Who can be held legally liable?

Generally, legal liability for electric hazard accidents attaches to the owner of the equipment that resulted in the injury or death. The specific facts of the case will determine who is liable, but that is a general “rule of thumb.” This generally means the property owner or the business owner where the accident occurred. Louisiana law requires property and business owners to keep their premises reasonably safe from hazardous conditions, including hazardous electrical conditions. Violation of this duty generally leads to legal liability. For example, landlords owe this duty to tenants and others who might enter onto the property. Likewise, a business owner owes this duty to customers.

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