Louisiana residents know how drivers in our city drive - recklessly. Our city is building more and more bike paths. More and more people are biking as a means of transportation and as a means of recreation and exercise. The result is, there are more bicyclists are involved in bicycle accidents due to reckless drivers. Often the cyclist is blamed for accidents that is not their fault - it is critical that a bicyclist hire the experienced lawyers a Mansfield Melancon who know the law and have represented injured bicycle riders.

The bicycle accident attorneys at the Louisiana law firm of Mansfield Melancon understand that representing bicycle accident victims requires a particular type of Louisiana personal injury lawyer with the knowledge and ability to understand the rights of bicyclists, which others often take for granted. Our Louisiana bicycle accident attorneys fight to recover compensation for the many types of damages to which our clients are entitled, including medical expenses, hospital bills, rehabilitation expenses, lost earnings, future wage losses, lost earnings capacity, physical disabilities, scars, losses of limbs, brain and head injuries, emotional distress, depression, anxiety, grief, and pain and suffering. We understand the issues that bicycle accident victims often face, so we work with our clients as well as their doctors and others, to ensure that our clients receive not only the best legal representation but also the best support and medical care.

Riding a bike can be a great form of exercise, a way to enjoy a beautiful day, and an environmentally friendly method of transportation. Riding a bike can also become deadly when drivers of motor vehicles do not pay attention to the bicyclists with whom they are supposed to share the road. Unlike people riding in cars or trucks, bicyclists are completely exposed to traffic around them with minimal physical barriers. Bicycle riders are extremely vulnerable to serious injuries when they are involved in accidents with cars and trucks. These injuries can come from the impact of the motor vehicle itself or when an accident throws a bicyclist onto the ground or into traffic.

Although motorists are expected to “share the road” with bicyclists, many car and truck drivers do not pay proper attention to bicycle riders on the road. Other reasons may also contribute to serious accidents for bicycle riders, such as driver negligence. Driver negligence can take many other forms, all with the potential to seriously injure bicyclists who share the road with cars and trucks. Negligence occurs when a driver fails to use the degree of care that a reasonable driver in the same or similar circumstances would ordinarily use around a bicycle rider. Driver negligence that can lead to serious bicycle accidents includes: distracted drivers, aggressive drivers, drunk and/or impaired drivers, the failure to yield to bicycle riders, the failure to check mirrors or blind spots before turning, speeding drivers, running red lights, or violating other Louisiana traffic laws.

Cyclists can sustain serious injuries in accidents, including but not limited to, traumatic brain injuries (even when wearing a helmet), concussions, spinal cord injuries (damages and injuries to the spinal column, ligaments, discs, nerves, or vertebrae), fractures (broken bones in the arms, legs, shoulders, hips, fingers, face), and broken teeth and other dental damage. People can sustain these and other injuries in bicycle accidents, not only resulting in enormous pain and suffering, but also other issues such as substantial medical expenses, lost income, and a significant loss of quality of life and change in circumstances. Fortunately, victims can seek compensation for these and other accident-related losses under both Louisiana law. For this reason, those injured in bicycle accidents should retain legal counsel as soon as possible to fully protect their legal rights.

The Louisiana lawyers of Mansfield Melancon want to help minimize your suffering and fight for the compensation you may be entitled to receive.

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