Searching for a Bicycle Accident Attorney?

For many people, bicycles can be the best choice for travel. They provide a healthier alternative to cars, they’re environmentally friendly, and they usually cost much less than the average car. And, with more cities embracing cycling, it is gaining popularity as both a cost- and environmentally conscious travel option. But, even though bicycles bring plenty of benefits to riders, there are certain problems that can come with them as well. Often through no fault of their own, cyclists are mistreated on the road. This may come from drivers who don’t want to have to share the road, and it can also come from those who don’t pay attention when they should. But, when a car gets into an accident with a cyclist, the consequences can be severe. If you are a bicycle accident victim in need of an attorney, Mansfield Melancon Cranmer & Dick (MMCD) can help.

Learn more about the nature of these accidents as well as how they can be different from standard auto accidents. And see how the attorneys at MMCD give bicycle accident victims the legal representation they deserve.

Louisiana Streets Can Be Especially Dangerous for Cyclists

Most Louisianians are already familiar with the notoriously poor conditions of Louisiana roads as well as the hazard they pose. But, for Louisiana cyclists, there are additional dangers to consider as well. Even as efforts are made to accommodate more cyclists in the state, most drivers still fail to look out for cyclists and motorcyclists on the road. And, even if they didn’t mean to cause the accident, the resulting collision can be catastrophic. 

Although cycling as a means of transportation carries several advantages over cars, one of the biggest disadvantages comes from cars themselves. Bicycles are much lighter and smaller than cars, and the cyclist is essentially exposed on all sides while riding on the road. Motor vehicles, on the other hand, weigh thousands of pounds, are covered on all sides, and surround the driver with sturdy metal. 

When these two collide, the car and its driver may receive little to no damage. However, the bicycle rider could face serious and potentially life-threatening injuries from the impact of the car itself, being thrown from the bicycle, and hitting the pavement. Injuries suffered can include broken bones, strains, sprains, hemorrhaging, head trauma, severe abrasions, and more. If you are the victim in a bicycle accident, you shouldn’t have to face any of these alone—get legal assistance from an experienced attorney.

Do You Or a Loved One Need a Bicycle Accident a Bicycle Accident Attorney?

In 2019, there were 22 bicycle fatalities and 728 bicycle injuries in Louisiana. In 2020, the number of fatalities increased to 34 fatalities, with Louisiana having the highest number of cyclist deaths per million residents at 7.3 fatalities per one million residents. Unfortunately, these numbers continue to rise, and victims and their families deserve compensation. Were you or a loved one the victim in a bicycle accident? If so, get in touch with the attorneys of MMCD to see how we could help. We understand the complex nature of these cases and can fight to help you find the legal relief you deserve.