Are You in Need of a Maritime Accident Attorney?

Louisiana has access to major bodies of water, from the grand Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico. This connects many men and women to offshore and nearshore work opportunities, ranging from rig work to operating ships. These occupations can also be the site of maritime accidents. From explosions to collisions and diving or fishing accidents, these can strike when you least expect them. The negligence of an employer, coworker, or other guilty parties may leave you with injuries, hefty medical bills, or even unemployment or death. 

With the help of a maritime accident attorney, you can investigate your case and determine if you are owed rightful compensation or benefits! Here is how our attorneys at Mansfield Melancon Cranmer & Dick (MMCD) can come to your aid and help you file a successful claim.

Stay Protected on the Water With Maritime Law

Whether you work offshore on barges or floating platforms or nearshore with unloading and vessel repairs, you may incur injury due to improper equipment, human error, or unsafe working environments. If you have been the victim of a maritime accident, you may have a valid workers’ compensation or negligence claim. An employer, vessel owner, third party, or insurance agency can be held responsible for your injuries or medical bills. The following are examples of maritime accidents that an attorney can help with:

  • Deck, barge, derrick, or dredge accidents
  • Marine cargo handling accidents
  • Cargo ship or tugboat accidents
  • Offshore helicopter accidents
  • Human interference accidents
  • And more

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for victims of maritime accidents to be withheld full and justified compensation. This is where our attorneys at MMCD can help! Following a maritime accident, make sure to immediately and thoroughly document your injuries and medical bills. Photographs of the damage or injury as well as any eyewitness testimonies are beneficial to building evidence for your claim. As soon as possible, contact our attorneys to ensure that your rights are protected. Our maritime accident attorneys at MMCD are well versed in the statutes of limitations in the state of Louisiana as well as the complexities of maritime injury law. Let us help you negotiate your claim and receive the benefits you deserve, from repaid medical expenses to earnings lost during recovery.

Looking for a Maritime Accident Attorney? We’re Here to Help!

Mansfield Melancon Cranmer & Dick is your go-to law firm for finding an experienced maritime accident attorney in the state of Louisiana. We are dedicated to helping you find the resolution you deserve. If you or a loved one have suffered an injury working nearshore or offshore, our maritime accident attorneys are prepared to fight for your case. MMCD offers free consultations to review your case and get you on the path to receiving compensation. Contact our offices at 888-601-0127 to begin, or visit our website to find our full list of personal injury practice areas. Our office handles cases across the state of Louisiana with personal care and attention. Get in touch with us today to investigate your case!