Why is it So Hard to See a Motorcycle?

August 29, 2018 Announcements and Law Updates

The most common injuries incurred during motorcycle accidents are head injuries. Riders and their passengers are more susceptible to injury in a motorcycle accident because the motorcycle itself does not provide its users with any protection. More often than not, a collision causes the rider to be ejected from the motorcycle. Motorcycles often come to an abrupt stop when they collide with a vehicle. The driver will continue to travel until he or she forcibly hits the ground or other vehicle. Other motorcycle injuries include neck injuries, road rash, foot and leg fractures, arm injuries, and torso and pelvis injuries. Any of these alone or in combination can be severe enough to cause death or permanent damage, such as paralysis or disfigurement.

Automobile drivers complain that it is hard to see motorcyclists. Accidents occur when the motorcycle gets stuck in the vehicle’s blind spot. This is especially true in instances in which the vehicle is changing lanes. On crowded roadways with automobiles competing with trucks, buses, bicycles, and pedestrians, it is easy to see how motorcycles get overlooked. Motorcycles by definition tend to be smaller than all the other road vehicles. Motorcyclists should always ride defensively – making sure they take active steps to be seen by other drivers.

The most dangerous roadway place for motorcyclists are intersections. About one third of all motorcycle accidents occur at intersections. The leading cause of such accidents is that the other vehicle did not see the motorcyclist. Wearing helmets, eyeglasses to protect the eye, and protective clothing helps minimize injuries and prevent some of the secondary injuries following a motorcycle crash.

A Note About Helmets

While motorcycle riders and their passengers are required to wear helmets when riding their motorcycle, not all helmets are made the same. The most important safety device for motorcyclists are helmets. Helmets are hard. Their outer shell is designed to distribute the force of an impact to provide protection to the skull and to prevent the skull from getting pierced during impact. Helmets do not work if they are improperly designed or not used properly.

Injured in a Motorcycle Crash? Call Louisiana’s Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

You may be entitled to compensation for injuries sustained as a result of a motorcycle accident. Catastrophic injuries, including death are common results of motorcycle injuries because the rider is often unprotected. Even if wearing a helmet, the impact of a crash with another vehicle is often enough to cause severe injuries to the rider and passenger.

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