The Back Injury Attorneys New Orleans Trusts

September 29, 2021 Car Accidents

When you suffer a back injury, the results can be devastating. These injuries can be extremely painful, leading to muscle damage, nerve damage, and several other serious conditions. In addition, these injuries can significantly impact an individual’s quality of life and ability to work. If you’ve suffered a back injury as a result of someone else’s negligence or actions, you deserve compensation. And, when you need a back injury attorney in New Orleans, consult the professionals at Mansfield Melancon Cranmer & Dick (MMCD). Our personal injury attorneys understand the legal complexities of these cases, and they are ready to help you get justice. Learn why the effects of these injuries can be so severe. And find out the attorneys of MMCD help back injury victims find the compensation they deserve. Trust MMCD to be your back injury attorney today!

What Are the Effects of a Back Injury?

Back injuries can range from minor to critical in terms of their effects on the body. Sometimes a person may only sustain light muscle aches that last a short period of time. However, strains and sprains can cause pain that lingers for longer periods. And, because the back is so important for mobility, it can make even the simplest and most natural movements very painful. Treatment can be expensive, especially for those who have to pay out of pocket. And it may take some time before an injured person can return to their previous activities, including work, without pain.

However, in the most severe cases, pain may continue indefinitely, and mobility may be impacted or restricted permanently. Injuries that impact the spinal cord can cause weakness that lasts days, weeks, or months. Paralysis caused by a severed spinal cord can result in lifelong loss of movement, loss of feeling, and immobility. This type of injury can irreversibly impact a person’s ability to work, care for themselves, and live a normal life. And the medical costs associated with these injuries can reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. If you are the victim of a debilitating back injury in New Orleans, you want an experienced attorney on your side. Trust the experienced legal professionals at MMCD to help you pursue justice.

How Can a Back Injury Attorney Help New Orleans Victims?

When you suffer a back injury as a result of someone else’s negligence or deliberate actions, you deserve compensation. Our lawyers can help you navigate the large volumes of paperwork associated with these cases. They can also help you avoid insurance companies’ attempts to get you to settle for less than you are owed. And, even in the case of an accident where you were at fault, the other party may still be liable as well. In these cases, you may still be owed compensation based on the percentage that you were considered at fault for the injury.

To understand your legal options after a back injury in New Orleans, consult an MMCD personal injury attorney today. Call our New Orleans office at 504-500-1108 or contact us online. Let us fight to help you get the best outcome.