Our Louisiana Attorneys Protect Victims of Church Abuse 

For many, the Church is a spiritual haven. No matter the denomination, a religious institution can provide a place of safety, community, and understanding for members new and old. But what happens when that trust and sense of security are broken?

Sexual abuse within the church is not often discussed, but it is more prevalent than one may expect. By definition from the Louisiana Department of Health, sexual abuse refers to sexual activity or contact toward an adult or minor through force, threats, or coercion. This can also include being shown sexually explicit material, language, or actions without adult consent. Cases of sexual abuse and manipulation at the hands of church officials span countless denominations including:

  • Southern Baptist and Methodist Christianity
  • The Catholic Church
  • The Church of the Latter Day Saints
  • Orthodox Judaism
  • The Church of Scientology
  • And others

Suffering sexual abuse at the hands of a trusted church leader leaves a far-reaching impact. From physical damage to psychological trauma, victims of church abuse and their families must grapple with the aftermath of unspeakable pain. With the help of a trusted attorney, you can recover the compensation you are owed for your sufferings.

What Can You Recover With Your Church Abuse Claim?

While all members of a church’s staff and congregation are vulnerable to church abuse, women and children in the congregation are among the most affected. These sexual abuse victims often experience emotional turmoil and susceptibility to suicidal thoughts and addictive behavior. 

If you, your child, or another loved one is a victim of church abuse, speaking with a lawyer can protect your legal rights, enable you to seek justice for these wrongdoings, and recover monetary value for the pain you have experienced. In Louisiana, this compensation includes:

  • Payment for counseling and therapy services
  • A set monetary value for physical and emotional suffering
  • An estimate valuing the future emotional impact the church abuse may cause

Louisiana House Bill 492, passed in 2021 established a “look back” law, active through 2024. This law provides child molestation victims over the age of 28 a three-year window to pursue unresolved or unopened claims. This law has been challenged recently, with the Louisiana Supreme Court set to rule on the matter soon. However, we encourage church abuse victims to reach out to our law office now to help guide them through the legal process.

Consult With a Lawyer You Can Trust Today

Religious officials deserve to be held accountable for harmful acts against their churches. Partner with Louisiana lawyers who are prepared to fight for your rights.

After experiencing this type of abuse, it can be difficult to trust another authority with your care and safety. At Mansfield Melancon Cranmer & Dick, our attorneys are here to provide you with the support you need to pursue your church abuse case and become a voice for silent victims. 

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