Louisiana Auto Accidents: Tiger Woods and Car Event Data Recorders

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Louisiana Auto Accidents: Tiger Woods and Car Event Data Recorders

Pro-golfer Tiger Woods was recently involved in a horrific automobile accident in California, during which he suffered severe injuries to one of his legs. See news report here. When police investigated the crash, Woods told them that he had no memory of what had happened. However, Woods was driving a Hyundai luxury Genesis GV80 SUV, which was equipped with an event data recorder (“EDR”). In most newer car models, an EDR is standard factory-installed equipment. As detailed in the news report, from the data recorded on the EDR, police investigators can determine what happened leading up to the crash.

The Woods crash provides some interesting lessons about Louisiana auto accidents and how insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits are processed. Like Woods, many people involved in a crash do not have a perfect memory of what happened. Moreover, different participants in a multi-vehicle crash can have different recollections of what happened. This is where EDRs have changed how Louisiana car accident claims and lawsuits are resolved.

Here in Louisiana, victims who are injured by the wrongful conduct of another driver are entitled to sue for compensation for their injuries and damage to property. But, to recover, the victim must prove that the other driver was at fault. Prior to the advent of EDRs, proving fault sometimes involved conflicting testimony and resolution by a jury (or judge) based on the credibility of the witnesses.

EDRs have largely changed that. As reported, EDRs collect various information like speed, sudden changes in velocity or direction, airbag deployment, whether passive restraints like seat belts were engaged, roll rate and distance, and more. This data provides a wealth of information that can help determine who is responsible for an accident, and this information does not depend on often-faulty witness memories.

Locating and utilizing EDR information is one of many reasons that victims of Louisiana auto accidents should immediately retain experienced Louisiana auto accident lawyers like those at Mansfield, Melancon, Cranmer & Dick, LLC. Acting quickly to retain lawyers is important because EDR data is often overwritten as the vehicle is driven after the accident. But, sometimes the data can be retrieved before it is overwritten. Dedicated and proven lawyers know how to use the available Louisiana court procedures to obtain the data from the EDR.

Likewise, if you have been the victim of a Louisiana auto accident, you should make efforts to retrieve your own EDR data. Find a vehicle repair shop with the technical capabilities to retrieve the data and have your vehicle towed there to prevent the data from being overwritten.

Note further than many vehicles now have onboard cameras, both interior and exterior focused. Again, if you have been the victim of a Louisiana car accident, you should make efforts to retrieve the video and photographic evidence captured by your onboard cameras. Such evidence can be proof positive of the other driver’s fault and responsibility to pay compensation.

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