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Whether it’s a commercial tour bus, city bus, or school business, a bus accident can result in serious injuries. Bus accidents are not incredibly common, but when they do occur, they have devastating results. Buses are generally more difficult to maneuver, harder to stop, and less safe than other vehicles. 

Buses outweigh most vehicles on the road, excluding other large commercial trucks. Buses are also much larger than other vehicles on the highway. So, when another vehicle gets in a crash with a bus, the greater weight of the bus has the potential to seriously damage the other car and cause serious injuries to the passengers in the other vehicle.

Some common causes of bus wrecks due to driver negligence are: driver distraction, speeding, fatigue of the driver, aggressive drivers, and driving while using illegal substances.

The companies who operate tour buses and other buses can be held liable for their negligence as well. Company bus accident negligence includes failing to properly train the driver, failing to perform routine and required inspections, failing to maintain the bus in good working order and repair, and requiring drivers to drive excessive hours resulting in fatigue and inattention.

Commercial buses that operate as commercial carriers owe a duty or ordinary care or simple negligence to other vehicles traveling the roads and highways and also owe “the utmost skill and foresight” in operations for the safety and protection of their passengers. This is a higher standard of care. Further, commercial uses often lack important safety features, such as seat belts and airbags, to keep passengers safe. Thus, passengers are often injured when riding on a tour bus or commercial bus and a bus accident occurs.

A school bus crash is also always scary. Kids are small and can be easily thrown around or out of the bus when the bus is involved in a crash. Some school buses are not equipped with seat belts and for those who do they might leave the children in charge of securing their own seat belt properly. If a school bus crashes or flips, children can and do get seriously injured or killed.

When you or somebody you love has been injured or even killed while riding as a passenger on a bus, the carrier can be liable for damages. The best thing you can do if you are in a bus crash is to hire an experienced bus accident attorney who will investigate the crash crash, determine who is liable and work to ensure that you get just compensation for your injuries and medical bills.

If you have been hit by a commercial bus or tour bus or injured while riding on a commercial bus or tour bus, you should also contact an experienced attorney familiar with Louisiana law and the duties owed to you to make sure all bases are covered and all defendant who may have contributed to your injuries are identified and claims made to see that you receive full compensation. 

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