Our Louisiana Clergy Sex Abuse Lawyers Will Fight For Your Rights

Perhaps one of the largest transgressions to affect any organized religion in recent history is that of the documented abuse children suffered at the hands of the Catholic Church clergy. In all too many cases, the abuse of minor children were swept under the rug by the Catholic Church, resulting in mental and physical damage to the victims. At Mansfield Melancon, we are legal professionals who take pride in our ability to hold those guilty of these horrific offenses responsible for their actions. As experienced Louisiana clergy sex abuse attorneys, we fiercely fight for the rights of our clients. 

Recent Louisiana Legislation Allowing Civil Causes of Action

Louisiana House Bill 492, Act 322, which became effective June 14, 2021, upon Governor John Bel Edward’s signature, has effectively changed the landscape regarding a victim’s ability to pursue compensation for abuse experienced at the hands of trusted Catholic Church priests. Essentially, it extends the period of time victims have to file charges. Under the bill’s terms, there is now a three-year “lookback window” which allows victims to pursue civil charges for unresolved child molestation claims no matter how long ago the abuse occurred.  This new Louisiana law essentially “revives” old, expired, prescribed claims.  Previously, a victim had until their 28th birthday to initiate an action for financial compensation, although many are not ready and able to come forward until much later in life. Now, for the next three years, they can pursue the justice they deserve no matter their age or when the abuse occurred.

Types Of Financial Compensation in Louisiana

Abuse victims may recover financial compensation to assist them with various matters resulting from the molestation they suffered, including:

  • Therapy and Counseling: The victim’s mental health expenses resulting from the abuse may be recovered, both past and future expenses.
  • Loss of Consortium: Past abuse often affects future relationships, and victims may recover monetary compensation for this damage.
  • Pain and Suffering: Childhood molestation causes extensive emotional and physical pain and suffering for which a victim may recover monetary compensation. 

Criminal Charges For Catholic Church Clergy Sex Abuse

When an individual in a trusted position takes advantage of their power and uses it to molest a child, we believe that person should pay not only financially but also be prosecuted criminally to the fullest extent of the law. Whether or not criminal charges are appropriate in a particular case depends on various factors, such as when the abuse occurred, the age of the victim, and the extent of the abuse. Our experienced legal team thoroughly reviews each case to determine if criminal charges are appropriate, and we will work with you to pursue both civil and criminal remedies. 

Speak With An Experienced Louisiana Clergy Sex Abuse Attorney

If you or a loved one has experienced abuse at the hands of Catholic Church clergy, you do not have to suffer and fight alone. We are here to provide you with the guided assistance you need to recover from the offenses inflicted upon you. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our skilled Louisiana clergy sex abuse attorneys, you may contact us via our online contact page or call us directly at 888-601-0127.