Rental car accidents create an additional layer of complexity to collisions because of the rental company’s involvement in the situation. If you are renting a car and you are involved in a crash, there may be questions about insurance coverage, as well as who is responsible for picking up the tab for injuries and property damage. If you are driving your own car and are involved in an accident with a rental, you may be left to haggle with both the driver and the rental company.

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Insurance Coverage for Car Rental Crashes

A person who rents a car in Louisiana is generally responsible for any physical damage that happens to the car during the term of the rental. The renter may also be legally liable for damage to other cars involved in the crash or injuries sustained as a result of the collision.

Louisiana’s negligence law generally requires drivers to operate their vehicles in a reasonably safe manner. It also makes them legally liable for any damage or injuries caused as a result of failing to live up to that responsibility.

The extent that a renter may be personally responsible varies, depending on insurance coverage. It is important to understand your coverage before renting a car.

If you own a vehicle that is insured, that insurance policy likely also covers crashes involving cars that you rent. That includes both the damage to the rental car and any liability that you may incur for damage caused to other vehicles or injuries sustained by other drivers, passengers or pedestrians. The coverage also often overlaps any liability coverage offered by the rental company.

Although major credit card companies also offer some insurance for rentals secured using the card, that coverage is often limited. It typically includes little or no liability coverage.

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